Excellent behavior and happy personality.

I have been sorting, organizing, and decluttering my life in a BIG way the past couple weeks and, by far, the best thing I’ve found has been this:

Happy and well-behaved. That’s me!

I’ll hopefully have some crafty posts coming up soon, including a huge Bumble Bee Birthday post. I have a lot to say about it and many pictures to gather, so it may take longer than I’d like. In the meantime, here’s a bumble bee I’d drawn on old scraps of paper for “My book ove INSECTS” with “Pickchers By Jessica”

I found old papers saying I wanted to be an “artest” when I grow up,

creative writing samples…mostly about cats, horses and music,

and lots and lots of cards to my “Momy” and “Dady” filled with lots and lots of words about how much I love them.

Even though many things about myself have changed as I’ve grown up and as I’ve moved from place to place, at my core, I’m still the same exact, happy girl I was two decades ago.  That makes me feel good.