Meet Fat Cat’s Friend, Chub Cat

Meet Fat Cat’s new best friend, Chub Cat. Chub Cat prefers salty snacks over Fat Cat’s sweets.Together, they watch rom-coms while sharing chocolate covered pretzels. They gossip about all the mangy dogs in their many lives over bowls of kettle corn. They sit on low benches, admiring nearby flowers and giggling over inside jokes. Fat Cat is so glad that Chub Cat has come into her life.

DSC_0110 DSC_0025DSC_0002DSC_0018DSC_0040DSC_0013

Now that you’ve been properly introduced to Chub Cat, I’m going to say goodbye for about two weeks. We’re headed to Florida to visit family and friends. Although super nervous about the plane ride with the kids by myself, I’m looking forward to alone time by the pool while the kids get grandparent-spoiled, a visit with Mickey Mouse who I have dearly missed, and a mango vanilla swirl Jeremiah’s Italian Ice.

Expect more from Happy Handmade Headquarters in June!

Meet Brody the Surfing Frog!

Meet Brody! He’s lean, he’s green, he’s a surfing machine. At just over three inches tall, Brody is small of stature, but big and very brave of spirit. This little froggy surfer dude wears orange board shorts, always has his white surfboard at hand, and there’s a smile on his face every day…as long as there is sand beneath his…feet?

Brody, the kids, and I went to Crown Memorial State Beach recently. Being a Florida girl, it feels pretty weird to wear closed-toed shoes and sweatshirts to the beach, but there’s something charming about it, too. The kids got filthy, Brody enjoyed watching the parasurfers, and I took lots of pictures. We loved it.

DSC_0059DSC_0047-001DSC_0016  DSC_0056 DSC_0065  DSC_0068 DSC_0087 DSC_0089 DSC_01108748056721_031b18e061_b DSC_00668749182738_92d03eb997_b 8749183634_b7a515b32c_b Crown Memorial Beach Alameda8748062305_6427fb3881_bIn case you were wondering, under that volleyball net is the San Francisco skyline…something else I may never get used to. It still delights and surprises me every time I see it.

Brody flew across the country to Florida to check out Jacksonville’s warm waves. The kids and I will be headed that direction soon, too, on our first trip back since we moved. I look forward to digging my feet into that familiar, soft, white, Florida sand after kicking off a pair of flip-flops…but for those two weeks I’ll miss the California rocks and those misty, curving Bay area hills.


Meet Fat Cat

Meet Happy Fat Cat. She’s a big beautiful feline with an everpresent grin and a penchance for baked goods with whole milk.

Standing at an adorable three inches tall and nearly four inches long, this sturdy, yet squishy feline would love nothing more than a pat on the head from you…and maybe an eclair.

Fat Cat DSC_0002 DSC_0075 DSC_0081 DSC_0085 DSC_0087 DSC_0097 DSC_0101 DSC_0110 DSC_0127

She is new Happy Handmade buddy number 31 in my Etsy shop! Oh, and if you’d like a different colored kitty, let me know!


Meet Sheep!

Meet Ms. Sheep…the latest Happy Handmade buddy! Ms. Sheep likes to stand around serenely, contemplating her soft and squishy place in this world. DSC_0088DSC_0112DSC_0070DSC_0110DSC_0073DSC_0089

Ms. Sheep is now available in my Etsy shop along with nearly 30 other Happy Handmade buddies…and more on the way including a little white cat and a very smiley lion!