Meet Fat Applejack!

Between now and the Patchwork Show on November 24th (I just received my official acceptance letter this week!)  I’ll be periodically introducing you to an amigurumi buddy you haven’t met yet. The first one is fat Applejack, the third in a series of chubby My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic characters. I really love these chibi ponies!Applejack MLP DSC_0066 DSC_0069 DSC_0092 DSC_0101



Meet Rhino and Hedgehog!

Rhino and Hedgehog are an unconventional couple and their recent love affair came as a surprise to both their parents. While on vacation in Apapulco, the two met gazes and have been inseparable ever since.

Hedgehog and Rhino Amigurumi

Sure, rhino has a rough and tough outer skin, but to hedgehog, he is always soft and squishy.

rhino amigurumi

Hedgehog can come across as prickly and cold, but she is always sweet and kind to rhino.


They know their pairing is unusual but, for them, it just works!

Rhino and hedghog amigurumi

A note about this project: Hedgehog and rhino were made for a couple getting married in November. The hedghog was adapted from a pattern I found here by “Drunken Aunt Wendy.” I made her smaller, improvised a bit and added legs, but the bow, the loop stitch idea, and the face are taken directly from the pattern. Rhino was an original design. I had the hardest time with that muzzle, but when he was all put together I was pretty pleased with him. I didn’t intend to give rhino a bowler hat, but he asked for one.

As for Happy Handmade, I have a lot of news! First, you can now find Happy Handmade at one of my very favorite stores in Oakland, Marion and Rose’s Workshop on 9th Street! This store is beautiful and really represents some of the best locally handmade items in the area. I am so thrilled to have my work sitting in such a lovely store among so many other fabulous handmade items!


Second, I have registered for my first Oakland craft show! Mark your calendars! November 24th, you will find Happy Handmade Christmas ornaments, cards and other crocheted buddies galore at the Patchwork Festival in Jack London Square! I can’t wait! But I’m also panicking, sooo…

I’ve temporarily put my Etsy shop on vacation to give myself a little prep time for this craft show. I hate to do it. I rarely ever put my shop on vacation, but I’ve set my mind to doing this craft show and I want to do it right. If you have any custom order questions between now and November 24th, please email me or comment here on my blog and I’ll get right back to you!

Fourth, there will be lots of new buddies to meet in the next couple months as I prepare for this craft show and, whatever leftover inventory I create will be available just in time for the holidays! It will be so fun to see piles and piles of smiling faces on cute little crocheted bodies.

Fifth, basketball season is about to start. Get hyped!

Finally, it’s feeling like Fall here in Oakland. The air is crisp and we need sweaters and closed-toed shoes again. We’ve picked out our pumpkin and costumes and I’m going to try and post a tutorial, soon, for a treat-or-treat bag idea I have. We’re making sure to eat pumpkin and cinnamon-laden things and enjoy the Fall season.

With that, I wish you all a happy, busy, pumpkiny Autumn-time from here at Happy Handmade HQ!

Joan's Pumpkin Patch


Birth Day

Today, long-awaited little Meredith was born, the third child to friends of ours back in Florida. Tomorrow is my birthday. And my latest crochet project will go to a family in celebration of the arrival of their little baby girl, due soon.


I used to think of my birthday in a very self-centered way. October 2nd is my day, a day to get lots of attention, to be pampered and celebrated.

After having children, though, my thoughts go to my mother on my birthday. Each time my children’s birthdays roll around, I feel so proud and full of joy, remembering and reliving the days of their births and secretly celebrating the day that I became a mother.

Tomorrow, on my birthday, I will be thinking of my mother and the very significant role she played on October 2nd, 33 years ago. I will be thanking her for her courage and her love, for her sacrifices and her selflessness so that I could come into the world and be the person I am today. My birthday is not my day. It is our day.

Congratulations to Jacquie and Meredith who celebrate a birth day today. I hope the recipient of this lovable pair have a beautiful birth day, too. It is an honor to know that these faces will be there to welcome a brand new baby into the world.

DSC_0074DSC_0057DSC_0098DSC_0109DSC_0105 DSC_0128

A note on this project: The design for the Mommy elephant came about from a pattern found here. I made a few small changes, but otherwise I used the pattern almost exactly. This is one of the largest things I’ve ever crocheted and the first thing I’ve ever made almost entirely in double crochet. I knew I needed to make a baby version and tried to make a small version of the same exact pattern, but just didn’t like my results. My husband said, “What are you doing? Just make it up! You make up patterns using tiny, terrible pencil sketches all the time. This should be easy.” So I did. And he was right. In fact, I really like how the baby turned out better than the mother and I plan to make more baby elephants like this in the future because I like this elephant better than any I’ve ever made. It’s fun to note that the baby has many of the same features as the mother, but is her own little special, unique self.