Where’d December go?

I have started and restarted a post on the Patchwork Craft Show I participated in right before Thanksgiving three times now. I haven’t posted in a month. There are so many new creations to show you that I couldn’t post before Christmas…I couldn’t risk any holiday gift spoilers. December was a blur of constant crocheting and dealing with various family illness with one amazing Disneyland interlude.  How do I possibly catch up? How do I regroup and prepare for 2014 when it feels like I’m still stuck back in November?

So, quickly, I’ll just rehash and make some sense out of the chaos that was this holiday season. First off, Patchwork Show was a huge success for Happy Handmade! Happy Handmade at Patchwork Show

I never posted the pictures or thanked all the people who were so helpful to and supportive of me during the last two months preparing for this, my first California craft show and the largest event in which I’ve ever participated. The show was run so smoothly, the crowd was fantastic, and the feedback was inspiring. I can’t wait for next year!  Here was my table setup and new holiday card sets!

Happy Handmade at Patchwork Show

DSC_0079 DSC_0075 DSC_0072 DSC_0068

Happy Handmade at Patchwork ShowNext year I’m going to start preparing for the show earlier in the year – try to accumulate a few things each month that I can set aside for the show – because I really hated shutting down my shop during the busiest time of the year and I also over-extended a bit on post-show holiday orders…though I’m happy to show you some of these new custom holiday creations:DSC_0017 Hot Air Balloon Amigurumi

Totoro AmigurumiTotoro AmigurumiMurloc from World of Warcraft Amigurumi Deadmau5 KeychainNemo Amigurumi Nemo AmigurumiDSC_0024-001Moose OrnamentSweet Pea Pod AmigurumiDSC_0041 DSC_0034

Add to that a few custom cats, a horse, and a narwhal or two, shipping and packaging them all, a bout of strep that tore through my entire family, the whirlwind getaway to Disneyland, a Christmas chorus concert and parade, a trip to cut down our own tree that resulted in a chipped windshield, and a stomach flu that still hasn’t left our home completely and I’m a little dazed realizing just how very close we are to 2014.

Santa's WorkshopDisneylandDSC_0019DSC_0053 DSC_0024

A few new orders and a pile of new yarn from my Mom for Christmas has invigorated me and I’m beginning to look forward to a new year. I hope to make more of my amigurumi patterns available, work on my website, experiment further with greeting card sales, offer more Happy Handmade creations in more stores throughout the Bay Area, explore pattern publishing opportunities, and consider teaching amigurumi design classes.

Thank you, everybody. I’m beginning to feel all caught up.

Happy Holidays from Happy Handmade! Let’s make life unbelievadorable in 2014. <3!