Meet your new Little Pink Best Bud, Big Leg!

My husband, Ben, is working on a prototype of a video game called Little Pink Best Buds, a project headed up by none other than one of our favorite creators ever, Pendleton Ward (of Adventure Time).

As soon as I saw the design for the Best Buds, I knew they’d make a perfect little amigurumi buddy. Big Leg was my first attempt. I had to complete the design in a hurry because I wanted it to be finished before Amnesia Fortnight (the two weeks each team has to complete their prototype) was over. If I make more Best Buds, I know better now how to crochet the waist area and a bit more about how to fix the leg to body ratios. Still, it was a good first try.

I’ll update this post with more information about the game and Amnesia Fortnight very soon. Until then, Big Leg wants you to choose him….even though he IS embarrassed about his leg and how slow it makes him.

Little Pink Best Bud Big Leg DSC_0012