Jhonen’s 6th Birthday: A Lego Party

Our lives are Lego crazy these days. I step on teensy Lego bits in the rug every day of my life. I move aside partially completed Lego sets to eat my breakfast at the dining room table. I get on my hands and knees to help my son locate the one missing Lego piece that just rolled…somewhere. Jhonen and his friends can spend hours with Lego and, after recently hanging out in a yurt with a Lego Masterbuilder at his good friend’s birthday, Jhonen couldn’t imagine having any other theme for his 6th birthday celebration.

Pinterest is overflowing with genius Lego party ideas. I used several of them and I have nothing really new to contribute to the bunch. Still, I thought I’d share our party plans here so I can remember Jhonen’s fantastically Lego-filled 6th-year-old birthday party details.

My birthday-party plans simplified after I purchased a small fold-up table. Now, I just pick a park, roll up with some food, a picnic blanket, and my table, and I have a party! Easy.Lego Birthday

This is my third folding-table-at-the-park-party and I really love them (Margot’s 2nd Woodland Themed Party and 3rd Day-In-the-Country Party). It helps that I never have to worry about bad weather here in the East Bay and that there are a billion beautiful parks from which to choose. This year we picked Codornices Park in Berkeley. It’s really beautiful and has a big stone slide that is super fun. I knew I wouldn’t need to have a bunch of activities planned if there was a playground with that slide.Codornices Slide

And with views like this, it’s a nice place for the grown-ups, too…Codornices Park

not that we don’t enjoy that crazy slide, ourselves!Codornices slide

I put a box of miscellaneous Lego pieces out on the blanket…Lego Party

and blank, create-your-own-minifigs drawings sheets I printed from here.Lego Party

The kids played, climbed trees, and went down the slide a million times.Codornices Park

Then we gathered up the kids and let them choose a surprise from a bag.Lego Party

Inside the bag were little Mixel sets.Lego Party

Mixels are really cute, affordable Lego monster sets that come in lots of different colors and can be combined to make new, custom monsters. It was so handy that these Mixel sets were the birthday party entertainment, the party favor, AND a gift for Jhonen.

Everyone worked hard constructing their Mixels.Lego Party

Then they took their Mixels down the slide…Codornices Slide

and we even (attempted) to make a Mixel movie.

They kept their Mixels (relatively) safe in these little favor boxes I made using a paper template I have. I glued some dots punched from the same colored paper on the front of the bags to make them Lego-like. See the orange one on the right:Lego Party

The cake reveal was fun. I found the idea for the mini-fig candle holders on Pinterest and HAD to do it, too.They turned out so cute! The mugs from the Lego christmas calendars we’ve gotten every year came in very handy. Birthday candles fit perfectly inside them. Plus, the decorations masked the bad frosting job on the cake. 😉Lego Party

I also saw a cute idea to make a cake platter made of sideways Lego and really love how it turned out.Lego PartyLego PartyLego PartyDSC_0162-001

After cake and some goodbyes, we casually perused his new presents (more Lego sets….which, of course, was exactly what he wanted).Lego Party

As I type this up, he is at the dining room table assembling, disassembling, then reassembling his Mixel sets. He has done it so many times that he has now combined all the Mixel pieces together to make the process more challenging.

Happy 6th birthday to my favorite little monster…Lego Party

and a big thank you to all his Lego-loving buddies for making his birthday so special!Lego Party


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