Best of 2014

The holiday season has come and gone and I have a lot to show for it, but haven’t been able to show any of it here….until now.

So much has happened since my last post way back in mid-September! I worked my fingers off to take part in my second Holiday Patchwork Show in Oakland. I made more ornaments this year and that really paid off. I made many of my old favorites and a few new things that I never got a chance to photograph. I really enjoy this show and am going to try to start building inventory for it earlier in the year so I can do more on Etsy over the holidays. patchwork_show_2014 DSC_0006 DSC_0008

I might try to add a spring show, too, but I’m not going to promise myself.

Homeschooling my six-year-old,DSC_0017

running after my three-year-old,DSC_0077

having fun exploring and photographing the Bay area,DSC_0026DSC_0212DSC_0011

and continuing my current level of crocheting is keeping me plenty busy, though I do try to grow Happy Handmade a little more each year.

Before I figure out the concrete ways in which I plan to expand my little business, I thought I’d celebrate last year’s many fun and challenging custom order requests that I never shared. I just couldn’t keep up with posting, but I’m super proud of some of these. There were so many new creations, I’m going to post them in categories over the next couple weeks.

So here is one of the first (and one of my favorite) custom orders of last year and the beginning of my Best of Happy Handmade, 2014 recap:

1. These five cute barn animals fit right inside this barn bag! (I designed all the animals, but tried to recreate the barn bag for a client based on a picture of one she’d purchased in a store long ago).Barn animals DSC_0166 DSC_0185 DSC_0193

I just realized that Happy Handmade turns five years old in November of this year!  Thank you so much for all the support and encouragement over the past five years. 2014 was such a good year, I’m not sure if I can top it for the five year anniversary.

But I can try.

Happy 2015 from Happy Handmade!


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