Best of 2014 Part 3 – Double Fine friends!

I have been posting pictures of my favorite custom orders completed last year and here’s part 3! If you missed my last two, be sure to go see the first (barn bag) and second (dogs) posts in the series.

My husband works for Double Fine Productions and, last year, I got to make this giant Two-Headed Baby (the company’s mascot!) Two-Headed Baby is definitely the largest and one of the most complicated amigurumi I’ve ever made. It was a fun challenge.Double FineTwo-Headed Baby

Last year, my husband got to work on a game prototype called Little Pink Best Buds (for Pendleton Ward’s Amnesia Fortnight game pitch) and I ended up making several of these Buds:DSC_0155DSC_0188-001Little Pink Best Buds

I also got to make this pair of zombies based on the two main characters from Dirt Nap, a web comic by Double Fine designer Gabe Cinquepalmi. The exposed chunk of brain is my favorite little detail… DSC_0056 DSC_0064



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