Best of Happy Handmade 2014 Part 4 – Animals, of course!

I have been posting pictures of my favorite custom orders completed last year and here’s part four! If you missed my last three, be sure to go see the first (barn bag)second (dogs), and third (Double Fine creations) posts in the series.

As usual, I got to try my hand at many different types of animals last year, most that I’d never made before.

I’m really crazy about this giant grinning hippo!DSC_0082I love this squirrel’s tail and cute little ears.DSC_0023-001This chubby cow was my first time really experimenting with color changes to make a random looking shape, though the dragging udders are really the highlight on this buddy.DSC_0031-003Slothy had a baby!SlothsI really like my cat design slightly altered to become a tiger!DSC_0032Turtle can come in any colors you want!DSC_0014I have new green eyes in stock!DSC_0085I love that this snake can be tied in a knot….plus this is a cool picture of him!DSC_0107Finally, I’m really proud of this custom parrot portrait.Parrot

There were a couple others, but I’m saving them for future posts. What will be my next animal challenge? I’ve never made a…capybara! Or a polar bear! Or a zebra!

So many possibilities…


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