This weekend, I participated in my first show/anime convention and had the best time! Thank you to Laina (of and Jackie for letting me tag along. It was a big success and I learned a lot about what to bring next time.  I was surprised to find that I needn’t have worried so much about making anime-friendly items. Turns out, just plain old adorable works for just about every audience! I should have known.

Here’s a picture of what I brought. Next time I want to bring three times as much!

This was our row. The event had a pretty good turnout for being the first anime convention at UCF. We met really nice people who were really enthusiastic about all the things we had made. In this picture and the next you can see the felt hats and plushies that Jackie and Laina brought.

People picked up that Master Ball SO many times, yet it was one of the only things that didn’t sell…that and one slime and this little owlie. Not too shabby!

Here was our own little plushie…the star of the show hanging out on her blanket stuffing toys in her mouth, rolling around, and charming potential customers with her smiles. It was her first “con,” too!

I look forward to my next craft show coming up in May. More info on that to come!

For now, Lumpy Space Princess would like you to have a happy week ahead. I will miss her. She has gone off to her new home with someone who will love and appreciate all her lumps and her grumps. I wish that for all of us.

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