Variations on a Theme: Size Does Matter

Last week was spent making one of my best-sellers extra big and another of my favorites very small, marking the biggest and smallest critters I’ve made so far!

If you aren’t already familiar with Banelings, they are exploding, burrowing bug-like weapons used in a popular computer game called StarCraft. If you’d like to nerd out, here’s a musical Baneling lesson:

A friend requested one and, ever since, I’ve been making lots of them.

I have made them small, as keychains, and en masse.

Here’s what a pile of Baneling bits look like:

Then this past week I received a custom order to make a large, “huggable” Baneling at least twice the size of my normal one.

Here’s the result!

And here’s it’s gigantic exploding rear end. He’s enjoying the spring blooms.

Then I went from one extreme to another…funny because Banelings are usually teeny tiny on a computer screen and elephants are so big. I wish I had a picture of both of them together for size comparison. Here’s the tiny keychain elephant now available in the shop!

This past week taught me that working both large or small can be rewarding.

A giant Baneling, a tiny elephant and then…a flying pig! Sometimes a critter just needs wings.

Happy flying, piggie. May your wings take you far.


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