Project: Handmade Home

The craft show is over and now it’s time to regroup and recover a bit. I have custom orders and another show in June, plus a couple new shops that might carry my things. I’ve also got lots of other little craft projects I want to find time to complete that will make this house feel a little more personal and homey. There are some empty spaces at my house I really want to fill. I’m not good with blank spaces. Minimalism is definitely not my thing.

Project 1 – iPad cover

I love my iPad! I’m not in love with my plain white iPad cover, though. I found this roll of fabric scraps in yellow and gray that I really love and I think I want to try using some sort of Mod Podge to glue a cute fabric design onto the cover. I can picture it being cute in my mind, but that definitely doesn’t mean it will end up cute. I am a bit worried it will be a gluey, fabric-unravelling disaster. I’ll have to get my nerve up for this one. I see there is a fabric specific Mod Podge and I’m wondering if that’s necessary or if my plain old Mod Podge will work fine. I’ll have to do some research on that. Anyone know?

Project 2 – Flower beds

As I mentioned in a previous post, I have the gardening bug. However, there is a lot of work to do in the yard before I can actually plant new plants. I am amazed at Florida’s natural vegetation. It is strong and mean and resilient and tricky! I find myself fighting tough,  tangling, thorny vines with huge, unending roots. I’m fighting unwanted trees growing right in the middle of my azaleas and painful weeds with giant root beds that want to hurt me! I just know that we’ve been lucky thus far that it hasn’t been horribly hot, but that heat is coming at me fast and if I’m ever going to clear these beds I have to do it now or wait until the Fall. It looks really terrible right now. I keep reminding myself that it’s got to get worse before it can get better.

I was left with many garden gnomes, bird baths, and other treasures from the previous homeowner that I have to clean up and figure out what to do with. As you can see, I let inappropriate plants grow in inappropriate places while killing off the stuff that  belongs where it was planted. I’m paying the price for my neglect.

A work in progress! I know it could look amazing,  but I’m currently striving for it to look not-embarrassing.

My Mother’s Day project! Succulents! I have many memories of using my childhood aloe plant on my many terrible sunburns. I’m not sure if I put too many or too few succulents in this pot. I guess I’ll see!

Project 3 – fill empty walls

I just can’t stand an empty wall….especially an empty wall with ugly wood paneling behind it. I have tossed around the idea of pulling down the paneling, but keep talking myself out of it. I could paint over it? I think I might just cover it with a BIG canvas inspired by one of my favorite artists and bloggers, Alisa Burke, that is covered in a favorite poem or song lyric written with shoe polish. I also have a big wooden frame I bought on clearance that  I have been meaning to fill with a watercolor painting. We also have to finish our photo wall!

Project 4 – Kitchen Color

Our kitchen is very….beige. I have to perk it up. We lifted up the ceiling a bit by getting rid of the fluorescent lights and putting in some prettier silver and white lights. That has helped and brought some nicer light into the room. Now I think I want to make some sort of mixed media wall art for over the microwave. I also just got new white dishes that will make for some beautiful food photography before long. That also means that my dining room table is like a blank canvas and I should make some fun tablecloths or placemats! It occurred to me that I should break in my sewing machine with a tablecloth-making adventure. Couldn’t I just use one of my current tablecloths as a “pattern” for cutting and then hem the edges?

Project 5 – Host a craft night!

I’ve always wanted to entertain guests more often, but our house is divided into a lot of rooms with few big, open spaces. I’d love the house to be more inviting to guests and that’s what I want to work on this year so I can host some craft nights! I originally wanted to have craft night once a month, but I’m realizing that is too much. Bimonthly or seasonally might be more realistic. Maybe instead of Craft Night I should host Potluck Pinterest Parties where everyone brings a dish they have pinned and want to try and then we do a project found on Pinterest (or one made up and put on Pinterest instead)!

Like all of these projects, I should just set a date and do it! How does June 9th sound?

The most overwhelming project with the highest priority, currently, is my nine month old baby who doesn’t want to take 2-3 naps anymore, but does want to pull her cute little self up on furniture that I now need to make baby-proof…ASAP.

I will post updates on all these projects as well as Happy Handmade news very soon. I also have a very fun new amigurumi to share with you as soon as I get pictures uploaded. Until then, I will be working on a surprise ami for a friend’s birthday, as well as a flying pig, a Marine from the videogame, Starcraft, and a Black Mamba that I’ve been putting off making for a month because, I’m sorry, snakes are gross.

If you have any advice or ideas about any of these projects, please share! Favorite Florida plants? Best plant food to use? Good wall art ideas? Craft night RSVP or ideas on how to make craft night awesome?

Here’s hoping you have a happy week full of exciting, creative projects!




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