Vase Tutorial, Fabric Scrap Canvas Mosaics, and Gardening

This has been the longest break from blogging I’ve had and I didn’t like being away! I’m back and better than ever after feeling a bit burned out last week. My husband lost his beloved DS with his even-more-beloved Pokemon cartridge inside. The loss was tragic, but there was a silver lining in that we picked up and cleaned the entire house looking for it. That, in turn, led to some fun home projects and crafting. My burn-out happened while I was supposed to be planning my first Potluck Pinterest Party, which obviously didn’t happen on Saturday. I definitely still want to plan one and will as soon as possible. In the meantime, my friend Melanie (who has her own fun blog to check out called The Old Kitchen Range) set up a little impromptu playdate/craft project day!

It was just the two of us, so we had plenty of room to stretch out with a couple cavases, a pile of scrap fabric, some scissors, and a bunch of Mod Podge.

The project was a surprise to me, so I didn’t have the usual time to sit and agonize for hours over what I was going to make. I am not a very good spontaneous crafter. I’m a planner and decisions are not easy for me. Still, even though I took twice as long as Mel and my ten-month old almost ate a leaf while I wasn’t looking, I finished in an afternoon.

Melanie’s Finished Scrap Fabric Canvas Mosaic 

My Finished Fabric Scrap Canvas Mosaic

The canvas isn’t quite as big as I probably would have picked for the spot over the reading chair, but I still like how it looks and that takes one project off my project list and filled up one blank space in my list of blank-spaces-to-fill.

I have also done some work on that one garden bed, adding some purple salvia and a purple Wild Petunia which I now know, post-planting, is extremely invasive. Reading up on the plant, I read that I should make sure to buy the non-invasive variety which I, of course, did not see until after I’d already purchased it.

Still, it’s pretty and adds some much-needed color to the yard. I had planned to buy a second one soon to put on the other side of the birdbath. I am going to look around for the non-invasive kind before I buy another one, although, if the other one is invasive, than maybe I don’t need to buy another one? Maybe it will just invade the whole bed? I don’t know! Then I think I want to get a Mandevilla vine for the back corner behind it all? It’s a work in progress. I think I’ll go ahead and mulch the whole thing and that will make it passable for now while I answer all of those questions.

Finally, this week ended with a quick, fun craft project that I saw on Pinterest a long time ago. The project was to collect plain glass bottles, add designs with puff paint and then spray-paint them. I didn’t actually pin the website so I don’t know who to attribute the idea to (I don’t want to claim it as my idea…it definitely wasn’t….but here’s a tutorial of  how I did it). I have been hoarding these pretty little San Pellegrino bottles and a couple other glass beverage bottles we found at Fresh Market for months. They have been sitting in my kitchen windowsill looking awful, just waiting for me to figure out how to remove the labels so I could spray paint the darn things! I had a slower amigurumi week (feeling some finger pain) so I decided this was the time to finally finish this little vase project.

My own spray-painted glass vase tutorial:

1. Soak the vases in a hot soapy water bath and the labels should just slip right off! I found the San Pellegrino labels sitting on the bottom of the bowl. The Fresh Market labels took a little peeling and scrubbing, but not much at all.

2. Let the bottles dry.

3. Using any sort of puff paint (I used white Tulip Fabric Puff Paint) create designs around the vases. I decided to do a different design on each vase. I also thought about doing a design on half of the bottles and leaving the rest plain. I kind of wish I’d done that now. You could also just skip this step and make them all plain white, too.

4. Let the puff paint dry.

5. Spray Paint the bottles any color, or colors, you choose! My dishes are white and I wanted the vases to be versatile for any occasion and to match any flower, so I went with white. As you can see, I used a sadly pruned tree in my yard as a vase-holder so I could spray paint all the way around the vases all at once. I did one coat, let that dry, and then sprayed once more.

6. Then turn the dry bottles over and spray the top, doing any last touchups.

Here’s the finished result!

Make as many or as few as you like. They can be grouped and configured in so many ways with all the flowers cut at the same height in a straight row or bunched up in the center of a table with the flowers all cut at different heights and pointing in different directions.

Be careful about the vases scraping together. I noticed the spray paint gets knicks and dings easily.

I think a group of 6 or 7 completely different sized bottles would be cool, too.

This week I’m going to get busy working on some more amigurumi patterns of Starcraft characters for Etsy. I am forcing myself to carefully write out the patterns and take photos of each step as I go this time which is a slow process, but worth it in the end. I should hopefully have a Marine and an SCV finished in a couple weeks.

Also, did anyone else notice a new show on TLC called Craft Wars?!? With Tori Spelling? I must check this out…I’ll be sure to report back with a review.




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