The Happy Handmade Heart

I am so excited because I am finally posting my first free crochet pattern for the Happy Handmade Heart which comes with all my packages:If you bought something a long time ago, I hadn’t started putting hearts on my packages yet, so please don’t feel shortchanged. I just hadn’t thought of it yet!¬†

In this post I’ll share my heart pattern. Next time, I’ll show you a couple ways you can use your own crocheted hearts, either the ones you make using this pattern or the one you received from me!

The Happy Handmade Heart 

(I typically use cotton yarn and my hook of choice is a D 2.25mm, but any hook with appropriately sized yarn will work just fine…it will just affect the size and texture)

Leaving a little extra-long tail or not depending on the use of the heart. I leave extra so I can tie the two ends around the package. If you just want to weave both ends in, don’t worry with an extra-long tail. If you want to wrap the heart around a big box, use an extra long tail!:

Row 1: Magic circle with 6 sts or my preferred method Ch 2, 6 sc in first ch

Row 2: 5dc in next st, 2sc in next st, 1tc in next st, 2sc in next st, 5dc in next st, ss into last st in circle.

Finishing off: After the ss, expand the loop on the hook.

Put your hook through the center of the heart (the first ch of the ch 2 in row 1)and hook the loop.

Pull the loop through to the back

Holding the loop in one hand, cut your yarn so it is equal length with the tail and pull the the cut yarn end through the loop. Pull really tightly to secure.

You’re finished! You might just want to fiddle with the heart a bit to make the perfect shape.

There you have it! My own version of the small, crocheted heart. In my next post, I will show you several ways to put your Happy Handmade Hearts to good use with these:

Hope you all have a Happy Heart this Friday afternoon! Enjoy!




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