Happy Handmade Hearts: Part Two, What To Do?

Now that you’ve crocheted a dozen of your own Happy Handmade Hearts with this pattern or have collected a dozen ordering little crocheted buddies from me, here are a few ideas for what to do with them!

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Stick one  inside a tin full of tea. I like Republic of Tea’s Ginger Peach. Tie a heart around a jar full of candy. Sour Patch Kids, preferably. Decorate the neck of a vase. I wish mine were holding handpicked daisies. (Make that vase using this tutorial!)


Tie your heart onto a gift box or tag.

Make pretty groupings of them and sew or glue them together with a buttton on top. Weave in the ends or use them as added decoration.

Wear your heart on your…hair? Take a simple dollar store barette and hot glue the heart right on!

Keep your Happy Heart close to your happy heart. 

Take a premade chain necklace (I used a Blue Moon Beads 18 inch metal necklace) and find the middle point. With two little jewelry-making pliers, open the two middle chains. Hook the left side of the crocheted heart onto one of the open split rings and close it up again. Repeat on the right side and you have a Happy Heart necklace!

Now, don’t let those Happy Handmade Hearts go to waste! I’d love to know how you have used yours! Pictures or comments would be awesome!



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